About R.T. Ewell

This is the official blog for author R.T. Ewell also known as richardrants on the interwebs. R.T. is a horror writer best known for the horror novella Fat Trapped available on Amazon Kindle. Also available for the Kindle are short horror stories like Alpha Male, One. Two. Three. & Mentor. Being a geek is his favorite past time. He has attended some of the best comic book conventions around both as an artist and attendee. As an artist he has set up at some of the bigger cons such as MegaCon in Orlando, Florida to Adventure Con in Knoxville, TN. He also attended Connooga in Chattanooga, TN two years in a row.

While he doesn’t set up anymore as an artist, he hopes to set up as a writer in 2015. Writing is his main focus now but he is still known to pick up the occasional pen or brush to unleash some of his creations in art form.

This blog has a couple of purposes, it is used to entertain and inform you about the geeky side of life. It will also have info about R.T.’s writing life including struggles, accomplishments, and updates. We also have a shop here on the site where you can purchase paperback versions of Fat Trapped straight from the man himself. Visit our SHOP page to order it with ease! If you want to buy his ebooks for your Kindle then just head on over to his Amazon Author Page & they will all be at your fingertips.

2014 was a big year for R.T. Ewell as he has already released a his OCD Horror story One. Two. Three. which has 3 five star reviews on Amazon. In October of 2014 he released Mentor which already has a five star review. The big news for 2015 is that another Blankenship story will be released later in the year. That’s right a prequel Christmas story involving The Blankenships is in the works & will give more insight on the events that take place in Fat Trapped.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my little home on the internet. Enjoy.



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