Goodbye Robin Williams

Its been over a week since news broke that comedian/actor Robin Williams had passed away. When I first heard this devastating news, I like the rest of the world, was in shock. At first I thought I misheard it or that it was just another Facebook hoax. Unfortunately, It was real.

If a month ago you asked me to name my top 10 favorite comedians, odds are Robin Williams would not have been on that list. This may appall some of you but let me explain. Robin Williams was someone that I did not actively think about in the entertainment world. There is a very specific reason for that. My entire life Robin Williams was always there. He was on my television and on the movie screens from the time I was born. You could say I took advantage of the fact that my whole life I was treated to a brilliant entertainer, not just a funny man, but a true actor in every sense of the word.

The first thing I saw Robin Williams in was probably the movie Popeye which shows a bit of my age there. Mork and Mindy came a bit later when I caught it late at night on Nickelodeon’s Nick at Night portion of programming. While Dead Poets Society was a movie that showed what Robin Williams was truly capable of making way for a very successful run as one of the best dramatic actors to ever grace the screen.

For me, one of my favorite movies is Mrs. Doubtfire. Some may scoff at this but this role showcased him at his best. It blended the hysterical comedy that he was famous for while showing a real life side of a family that was being torn apart.

Another movie that I have seen so many times that I have lost count over the years is Jumanji. What could have been a movie directly aimed for kids was one that was filled with comedy, heart, and terrific characters. There are many great things about that movie but at the end of the day it is Williams performance that makes the movie memorable to me.

What Dreams May Come is a movie that touched me then and due to the circumstances surrounding the recent events make me extremely sad. I highly recommend you see this movie if you have not. It is visually stunning but carries subject matter that can be tough for some to watch. If you want to see Williams dramatic side then this movie should be first on your list.

From Hook to Flubber to One Hour Photo to Good Will Hunting there is something in his acting library for everybody.

Recently, David Lettermen did a tribute video showing Williams great moments on his show. As I watched it, something captivated me that I never notice before. It was Robin Williams laughing. Yes, not him making me laugh but him laughing himself. It seemed so genuine. I saw emotion coming from him that I wish I could have myself. True laughter in that moment in which he had the ability to repeat.

I feel sad that it seemed that Robin Williams was in so much pain on the inside that he was out of options. At the same time it should bring awareness to depression and people needing help but unable to ask for it.

In this post I probably haven’t said anything that everyone else is thinking or feeling but I just wanted to take a moment and pay my respect to a man that was truly one of the greats in so many ways.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, friends, and people that were close to him.



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