My July Word Count Challenge

I began writing about five years ago. Sure I had written stuff prior but I never ever completed anything for one reason or another. That is until Fat Trapped came around. That story just would not leave me alone until I told the story of the Blankenships. So for a shameless plug, that story is available HERE & in paperback HERE. Anyway since then I have written a couple of short stories which are available as well.


Thomas Blankenship From The Horror Novella Fat Trapped Drawing Done By The Author.
Thomas Blankenship From The Horror Novella Fat Trapped Drawing.

Last summer I started a Christmas story that surrounded the Blankenships and serves as a prequel to Fat Trapped. My plan was to get it out last year for Christmas and that never happened. In fact I am still writing it as we speak but over the past few weeks I have made significant progress. My word count goal for this story was 10,000 words and I am now over 15,000 and still writing. I expect some of the story will get cut in the editing process as it usually does.

I would like to get two stories out on Amazon Kindle by the end of the year and in order to do that, I have to write. So I am challenging myself to write everyday in the month of July. Whether its 100 words or 1,000 words thats what I want to do. Write. This does not include blog posts, the word count challenge is for my stories only. It may not seem like a tough challenge to most people but with my work schedule its very easy for me to make excuses. I am going to keep a rough track of how many words I write and will reveal at the end of the month what my final count is.

I am excited about the progress that will be made this month and hopefully I can stick to my word as I did when I sat down to write Fat Trapped.

As always, thanks for the support!



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