Needless Things Interviews A Master Builder!

As many of you know, this year I have been somewhat of a regular contributor over at the fantastically nerdy Needless Things website. I usually ramble about events that took place in my childhood or I have done quite a few LEGO set reviews. I know over the next few weeks I will have some more articles showing up over there in the midst of Phantom Troublemaker’s fantastic posts. I mean come on, there is a new one everyday for nerds sake!

Needless Things is also a podcast available on iTunes and other outlets. There are a wide variety of conversations & guests that are the highlight of the show. Well, the host and Needless Things head honcho Phantom Troublemaker interviewed one of LEGO’s master builders. Its a terrific interview with one of only seven master builders in the states. Chris Steininger was nice enough to join Phantom in discussing LEGOs & Atlanta’s upcoming LEGO Kidfest which is THIS WEEKEND!

Enough of my rambling, head on over and listen to the episode straight off the Needless Things website if you don’t have access to any of the other available ways!




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