Come Back To Me (Movie Trailer, 2014)

This is a trailer based on one of my favorite horror books The Resurrectionist. Wrath Jame White wrote a book that captivated me and ultimately inspired me to write my horror novella Fat Trapped.

We all know how movies can be different than the book but this trailer gives me hope that it will stay true to the the written material. What I am really concerned about is how they handle the ending. When I was reading the book, the last page absolutely floored me. My mouth hung open the entire time I was reading it.

The cast looks strong but I am not sold on the guy who plays Dale. I will anxiously await this movie and provide my opinion afterwards. If you have not read the book The Resurrectionist by Wrath James White, do yourself a favor and pick it up, devour it,  and be left jaw dropped.


R.T. Ewell’s Amazon Author Page!


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