Thoughts On: A Million Ways To Die In The West

When the movie TED came out, I like many, was very skeptical. I love Family Guy & American Dad as much as the next guy but it worried me that Seth McFarlane would not translate well to the big screen. Boy, was I wrong, that movie is funny. Although I believe it had some slow parts, it was a very funny and well done movie. So off the success of TED, I knew that Seth would get another shot at the big screen. I was a little shocked to learn that it was going to be a western.

The trailers started airing and boy did they look funny. I mean really funny. I thought this movie might take the throne that TED made. Opening weekend came and went and A Million Ways To Die In The West did not perform nearly as good as TED. Critics panned it and fans of TED were even unimpressed. Well, I am glad to report that they are all wrong. I mean, TED is a funnier movie but Seth McFarlane’s western did its job. It made me laugh.

Now there was about a half hour in there that was all story and few laughs but the first twenty five minutes or so were enough for me to enjoy the movie. Storyline wise is where the big problems lie. The movie is full of cliches and its almost too  paint by numbers for me. It feels a lot longer than the movie actually is. I wish the movie was more of a body count movie the way the title suggests. Just a bunch of funny and random ways people died, it might of gotten old but I think the storyline would have been better than what we actually got.

Seth McFarlane and Charlize Theron were great in their roles and had great chemistry when they were on screen. A lot of people raved about Neil Patrick Harris but I thought his character was odd with some questionable acting choices by NPH. Although what he does to a hat is pretty foul. Liam Neeson was the same he is in every movie and I have grown tired of the same ole same ole. Giovanni Ribisi and Sarah Silverman were very funny and worked extremely well together.

As with most movies, the trailers showed waaaaaaaay too much of the movie. A lot of the funniest parts are free to view on youtube. Still I think the movie is worth seeing, maybe not movie theater worth it but eventually down the road worth it.

Seth McFarlane just has this charm where he can talk and it just makes me laugh, probably because his normal voice is Brian off of Family Guy. Oh and keep an eye out for Abe Lincoln in this movie, hilarious!

3 Out Of 5



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