I woke up this past saturday morning to a surprise I was not expecting. Rob Zombie is working on a horror movie. That’s right, after doing several interviews about how he would not be doing a horror movie for a while after the negative reception of The Lords Of Salem he was indeed heading back to the genre. Lords was not my favorite Rob Zombie movie but after watching it several times, I enjoy it more every time I see it. If you have followed me for any certain amount of time than you will know how big of a Rob Zombie fan I am. What I love about his movies is the brutality of them. Devil’s Rejects was a movie that changed my thinking about storytelling. All of the characters were so captivating and he has this way of telling a story that makes you root for the bad guys even though you shouldn’t. The Halloween remake is another one I think is brilliant. I love what he did with all of the characters of that existing franchise. I even enjoyed the sequel which is a rarity among fans.

So back to the topic at hand. Over on Rob Zombies official site he released a video which is a compilation of all the movies he has done. Shockingly enough it ends with a image of a clown that, to me, looks very similar to Captain Spaulding. Nothing is really known about this movie other than that the “31” could be a possible reference to October 31st which is of course Halloween.  Also we could all probably guess right that his wife, Sherri Moon Zombie will be in it in some capacity. Rumors are flying that it could be linked to the Firefly family somehow although after Devil’s Rejects it would have to be a prequel or a story that takes place later within the same “universe” with different characters/family members.

Anyway, see for yourself by Clicking HERE for the teaser trailer that is NOT safe for work! I promise it will leave you frustrated as to what the movie is going to be about, I know its killing me not knowing!




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