My Most Anticipated Movie Of The Summer!

When I first heard about Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, I was leery of it as much as everybody else. We had already been burnt by the Tim Burton version which despite a terrific performance by Tim Roth, for the most part sucked. I was completely blown away by the movie. I saw it twice in the theater and have seen it multiple times since.

James Franco and John Lithgow gave the movie the human side that the story needed while Andy Serkis played the role of Caesar as perfectly as any Planet of the Apes fan could have hoped for. Rise was a new story which provided an origin of the apes while Dawn will more than likely show us what the world is like ten years after the apes begin their ascension.

I hate that Franco is not reprising his role but I love the new cast. The new trailer shows a scene where they may acknowledge Franco’s character from the first movie. The first one took everyone by surprise so this movie has a lot of pressure on it to succeed. I believe it will live up to the hype but only time will tell. Below is the trailer so sit back and enjoy my most anticipated movie of the summer!

-R.T. Ewell





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