A Few Of My Faves: Podcast Edition

Not that this matters much but today is my birthday, so I thought that I would post a few of my favorite Podcasts. Not in any particular order, I have decided that a few, meant 3 so here goes, oh & click on the pic for the linky link:   ESO This is probably the most consistent podcast I listen to. Commonly referred to as The ESO, they release an episode every week, sometimes two if you count their Dragon Kahn Report. Its a terrifically geeky podcast with lots of different discussions and co hosts. They have a rants and raves section that is always fun to listen to and they have a main topic that can be anything from sea quest to wonder woman.  Episodes last about 2 hours so if you have a long commute to work than this is an excellent way to burn the time! fearshop   This is probably the first podcast I ever listened to and while its not to consistent, its deep down my first podcast love. Mike and Frank are hilarious and they talk about horror movies. Two of my favorite subjects! They are pretty good about picking horror movies you haven’t heard of and ones that you want to hear what their verdict on it is.   coltThis is not a wrestling podcast, I repeat, not a wrestling podcast. Its a life podcast, a personal journal if you will. Every week Colt is live from the studio…………..apartment in Chicago and what he does is something pretty special. Yes, he interviews wrestlers but they don’t really talk about wrestling, they talk about their life and love of wrestling. Their personal journey of why they love wrestling and the trials and tribulations that might occur. Its funny and inspiring, just listen and you will see.   And there you have it folks, if you need a new podcast to listen to, these are a great start! Have fun listening to them and tell em richardrants sent ya;)   -R.T.


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