Alpha Male Gets A New Cover!


Just wanted to give everyone a heads up of what was going on with the writing of yours truly. Like the title suggests, my short story Alpha Male got a new cover plus as a bonus some other news as well. I know sometimes I do more talking about writing than actually putting work out there, its just a very slow process for me. As most of you know I have a job that requires two hours worth of travel a day so I am just now figuring out how to get some writing in. I wish I could afford to do writing full time but alas that is a goal that a lot of writers have which is hard if not impossible to achieve. Until my e book sales increase drastically and I get some people talking about my books, what I am currently doing will be the way its done. I need you guys to help spread the word about my writing, if you like it of course. This wasn’t me complaining, just wanted to clear the air as to why it takes me so long to get stuff out there sometimes.

I have some things in the works that should appease some people that like my work. I am planning on doing an in depth interview about Fat Trapped, hopefully in the next few weeks, that will get recorded. It will contain spoilers galore so if you haven’t read it, get to it so you can listen to some inside info about Fat Trapped. I am very excited about some possibilities that might come my way for some really good ways to get the word out about the Blankenships.

Well on top of all that, I am way over half way through with my Christmas story that will involve your favorite family, The Blankenships. It is a prequel story that will involve Julie Blankenship’s mother. It has been fun coming up with this story and seeing the words piece a story together that will add a ton of depth to this overall story. Also, I am working with a very talented artist on a new cover for Alpha Male. RC Tiernan is the same one that did the terrific cover for One Two Three. The cover alone has received much praise and I couldn’t agree more with those same people. The cover for Alpha Male should be live on Amazon this week but for you people I wanna give ya something special. So without further ado, here is the cover so you can judge for yourself.

New Cover Designed by RC Tiernan!
New Cover Designed by RC Tiernan!

I think it adds some great mystery to this story and might make people want to read the story if they just see the E Book cover. The next big project is to get Fat Trapped a new cover and I am very nervous about this but I know it will be for the best. I love the cover for Fat Trapped but I have been talking to people about it and think its time for it to get a cover that will attract a more main stream audience. I am just now learning this book cover thing but Ive got a great teacher to steer me in the right direction.

So thats that. A little update to keep you wanting more, hopefully:) Again I thank you all for your support and hope I provide you with some good stories that keep you up at night.





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