Thoughts On: TMNT Movie (2014, Trailer Included)


If you haven’t seen the trailer, you are in luck because I have included the brand new teaser above. Watch it. Watch it a few times and then come back to the post to see what I thought.

I am excited about this movie. I know, I know, most people are dreading it. Michael Bay, Megan Fox, and Michael Bay are just a few of these said reasons. Ill admit, I am not a huge Megan Fox fan, I think she is (to be polite) not a good actress. Trust me, what I really think is a lot worse. And she is NOT April O Neil! I really wish Emma Stone would have gotten the part because I think she would have been perfect.

Even after watching this waaaay too short teaser trailer I am ready to see this movie! I like how they connected April and Shredder. Hell I even like that the turtles themselves were created on purpose as opposed to just 4 turtles wandering around the sewer and just happen to find a canister of ooze. The one thing that bugged me about the movie was the tone, its dark, very dark. It seemed like the fun was taken out of my childhood favorite, even though I love that snow sledding scene where the turtles are on their backs. I can’t wait to see the personalities of the turtles because that is one of the best features the shell raisers possess.

Another thing that bugs me with this movie and a few others namely Transformers. Whats with the destruction. I mean I know its Michael Bay but come on its a bit ridiculous with all the city wide destruction that happens in movies nowadays. Look at Man of Steel, not Michael Bay and Metropolis gets obliterated. Sorry just a side thought…

Anyway, those are my quick thoughts. What do you guys think? Hate it, Like it, Don’t friggin care about it? Let me know in the comments below!




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