Thoughts On: Batman: Joker’s Daughter (One Shot)

Thoughts On: Batman: Joker’s Daughter 

Release Date: Feb 5, 2014

Price: 4.99


When I saw this one shot sitting on the shelf at my LCBS I was confused. I mean I try to follow comics but these days its tough. There are so many series and the continuity gets a little muddled in the process. All comic book companies are guilty of this and they should really focus on easy access points for readers. So why was I confused you ask? Well, hell I didn’t even know Joker had a daughter. Apparently, she’s been around since 2013 and wandering through the DC universe being seen in various titles.

This is a one shot and a little bit on the expensive side at 4.99 with not a whole lot of extra  value than a standard comic. I was hoping that it would be easy to follow since I knew nothing about the character. Well, it was fairly easy to follow except for Joker himself. If you haven’t read much of New 52 (which I haven’t) than you might be a little lost. The downfall to this issue is you might be more interested into what happened to The Joker than what is going on with his “daughter”.

As far as the looks of her, she seems like she is right out of a male fifteen year old’s testosterone filled mind. One of the biggest things that I kind of rolled my eyes to was the fact that her mid drift is showing. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but with the redesign of Harley Quinn we don’t need anymore female belly buttons in the DCU. While her hair is a bit crazy looking like Sheamus from the WWE it matches the character perfectly. Probably the most noticeable thing about her is that she wears Joker’s face as a mask. If I was in my teens I would really like this character but in my mid thirties, not so much.

This book tries to do two things. It introduces people like me to the character while trying to convince us that she’s as sick & twisted as the Joker. It also gives her a origin story. Neither of which it does very well. Her origin is dull and unoriginal. Batman does make an appearance but its length and importance is missing greatly from the story. The art is done great and I really liked some of the dialogue but the story as a whole is not satisfying in the least.

If you love the character of The Joker’s Daughter than you probably already own this issue having already formed a more positive opinion than mine. If you have yet to pick it up then I say stay away from it mainly because of its 4.99 price tag. There is simply no bang for a lot of bucks you gotta shell out for a comic book.

Verdict: Skip It



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