Gotta Have Character.

So I have been working on a story since august of last year and it’s a Christmas story. So needless to say I missed my deadline for 2013. It’s not a short story and its not a novella either. Depending on who you talk to, it might be called a novelette at 11,000 words. Anyway to give you some perspective, Fat Trapped was 40,000 words. Most of your novels are in 100,000 word range. Oh, and speaking of Fat Trapped, the Christmas story I have been working on is indeed a prequel story with the Blankenship family. I don’t wanna give anything away but I will say that if you have not read Fat Trapped, you may want to do so if you wanna read a Christmas horror story by yours truly. There will be many spoilers in the prequel story about the Blankenship family that are eventually revealed in Fat Trapped. Man, how many times am I gonna say Fat Trapped?

So on with the main subject matter of the post. I kind of accidentally created the Blankenship family. I mean I meant to create a family that kidnapped people in a neighborhood but did not expect what happened. They were much more sadistic than I anticipated. It surprised the hell out of me and I feel like a member of the family which I created. Okay, without the kidnapping, killing, torture, and weird vibe between family members.

Well something else has happened, I have created a villain that will be in the yet to be written sequel to Fat Trapped. I am going to give a spoiler for people reading this now, though. This villain’s name is Brutus and he will make an appearance in the yet to be titled Christmas story. This guy is sleazy, man, I mean he even gives me the heebie jeebies. He is vital to the overall spanning story of the Blankenship family universe and I cannot wait to write more of him.

My favorite thing about stories are characters and I am trying to create ones that my readers will latch on to and enjoy.


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  1. Lauri Headrick 03/08/2014 — 2:09 pm

    I’m highly intrigued. Love the name Brutus

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