WWE Network Thoughts – Week One

I write this article six days after the debut of the WWE Network. This was a big undertaking by Vince McMahon & company. Its the first time something like this has ever been done. A live 24/7 streaming network not available on cable or satellite. It’s basically an app that you put onto the device of your choosing. Smart Phones, PS3/4, Xbox 360/one, Roku and probably a few others that I’m probably not mentioning here.

My thoughts are based on me viewing the network on a PS3 & iPhone as some devices are having problems that others aren’t. I do know that the Xbox 360 is having some major log in problems but do not know the extent of it.

Along with being a live streaming network, there is also a “netflix” type option. If you do not want to watch the network which streams some original programming and mixes in some backlog stuff as well then you can select the PPV’s, Shows, & matches you want to watch. I am impressed that every Wrestlemania is available to watch, that I didn’t expect to happen.

I have had zero problems with watching the actual network, it streams great and the picture quality is top notch. The backlog stuff however is a different story. I have yet to make it through a PPV or show due to it freezing up never to continue the feed. It has gotten better though as the week went on. Before I could only make it 5 minutes in and now I can make it an hour and a half. It may not sound like a big improvement but to me, its progress!

I believe this was a big undertaking, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that there are issues. Services like this always have problems. I was a bit disappointed because on Thursday they debuted their first LIVE show for NXT called Arrival. Well the stream was  a massive failure & did not air. It worries me for Wrestlemania but hoping they get things squared away.

I am hoping to give a full review after a few months in, but figured I would offer my thoughts now. For 9.99 a month (and that includes a live PPV a month!) I am having a blast with the service so far!


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