The Lego Movie Review

Some of you that follow me, may know that I have become a bit of a Lego nerd over the past year or so. What can I say, I think its a great product for kids & adults alike. I’m in my mid 30’s & for some reason Lego’s just speak to me, taking me back to when I was a child. Imagination is something we lose as we get older. It just happens, there is really no escape but Legos are a perfect tool to go to places we can’t go in the real world.

The thing that is different now then when I was a kid is that Lego’s have expanded so much. They have licenses that they didn’t have when I was growing up. Marvel, DC, Lone Ranger, TMNT have all joined the Lego family allowing for some really amazing sets. Lego’s original lines have also increased immensely. Ninjago, Legends of Chima, and Hero Factory are just a few of them.

So it’s a wonder that it took all these years for a Lego Movie to come about. When I first saw the trailer, it looked a bit to kiddie for me. Don’t get me wrong I love cartoons but something bout the lead character Emmet seemed a bit too much for my adult brain to relate to. As I saw more previews I started liking the characters more and more. It also helped that the newest series of Lego Minifigures (series 12) were all characters from the movie. Bad Cop, Construction Emmet, Where’s My Pants? Guy, instantly stole my collecting heart when I purchased them.

Side Note: If you do not know what Minifigures are or how popular they are, have no fear! In the next few weeks I am planning on writing an article informing you of said product!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.

The closer The Lego Movie’s release date came, the more excited I became. Something about seeing the products and trailers just took my back to my long missed childhood. On opening day I didn’t hesitate to go to the theater & watch it. Within a few seconds of the movie starting I knew it was going to be something special. The humor was very sharp & fast.  Chris Pratt as lead character Emmet Brickowski was a pleasant surprise. I was instantly hooked by his innocent and childlike voice. All of the voice work is done well & having Will Arnett voice Batman is a perfect choice. I was also surprised by how much screen time Batman had, he is definitely a important part of the gang. While it was fun to see Wonder Woman, Superman, and Green Lantern briefly throughout the movie.

What seems like a simple premise and a movie that is geared only towards children, soon reveals it’s true intentions. I will in no way spoil what the Lego Movie truly is about but I will tell you that the message here is very important no matter the age of viewer. I found myself seeing a whole lot of Emmet inside of me right from the get go. The thing is, he’s supposed to be us, he is our guide in this wonderful little world.

This movie is as good as any animated movie out there if not better. It was obvious from beginning to end that the people that made this movie loves Legos. The movie also is a wonderful blend of computer animation & stop motion work using real Legos. It’s just so damn charming. I don’t know if you have to see this movie in the theater given the high ticket prices but in my opinion its worth the value. I saw the 2D version and was completely okay with that.  You simply have to see this movie eventually. Do not pass it up. If you are an adult thinking its geared towards kids you would be utterly wrong because ultimately it will affect more adults than children. Oh and in closing I would like to say that never in a million years would a Lego Movie have a twist ending but it does & it’s brilliant.



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