Two Words & One Autograph.

Nazi Zombies. Do I have your attention? That’s right I said, Nazi Zombies. If you are asking where you can see said Nazi Zombies than you obviously haven’t heard of Dead Snow. One of the funniest, most original, horror/comedies I have ever seen. Before you read any farther, watch the trailer below, will ya! It may spoil some of the best parts of the movie so you may want to hold off but I’m giving you the choice.

Now, if that doesn’t get you psyched about wanting to see it, I don’t know what will! I know that trailer was subtitled and that might scare you but if you get the dvd, it is dubbed in English. My personal preference is the dubbed version because it’s so awesomely bad! Also an added bonus of this movie is the soundtrack is fantastic, oh and the first few minutes are truly brilliant.

I believe 2010 was when I first saw the movie and I was blown away. I don’t know how many times exactly I’ve seen the movie but somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty times I would say. It’s funny, a bit of horror, and tons and tons of gore all mixed together! Tommy Wirkola was a writer and director that I instantly was a fan of. A film you might be familiar with is Hanzel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. And there are some terrific Dead Snow Easter eggs to look for scattered throughout.

Dead Snow 2 was supposed to be scheduled for after Hanzel & Gretel and I sort of forgot about it. Well I was pleased beyond belief when I found out part 2 is indeed coming out this year! So, to make a long story short, I heard they were premiering the movie at Sundance film festival which was a few weeks ago. Here is where it gets interesting. I recently met someone that goes every year. I told him that Dead Snow 2 was gonna be there and I was shocked when he said he had never heard of the first one. So I suggested (insisted, really) he watched it and of course like everyone else I have told, he loved it.

I told him the sequel was gonna premiere at Sundance so he made it a priority to try to watch it amongst his busy schedule. I am happy to report that he said it was great fun, more comedy than horror, which in this situation I’m absolutely fine with. Well, now I owe this friend big time, why you ask? Because he got me Tommy Wirkola’s autograph! WHAT! You heard me, towards the top of my autograph collection is the writer/director of one of the reasons why I love horror. Because sometimes it can be fun!

Wait For it.
Wait For it.
Wait For It.
Wait For It.
And BooYah, Tommy Wirkola's Autograph!
And BooYah, Tommy Wirkola’s Autograph!

Seriously, go watch this movie, the non dubbed version is on Netflix so there’s really no excuse!



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