Snow Day

"This is my kind of weather!"
“This is my kind of weather,’ says the yeti and NOBODY else.

As I sit here in my home and stare out the window I can still see the snow fall. That’s right, its snowing which is a little uncommon these days in East TN. Not only is it snowing but it hasn’t stopped since around nine am. That’s pretty significant considering the weather people said it was supposed to be clear but cold. Well, they were wrong. It was snowing and cold. As far as I know the roads were not salted so they tasted bland. Okay bad joke, sorry about that.

I’ve only been cooped up in the house for about eight hours and I already feel like I’m going just a little bit crazy. I’ve straightened some book shelves & cleaned my desk off so I could have a place to write. I placed a few toys on my desk for inspiration.

A Clean Desk Is A Happy Desk!
A Clean Desk Is A Happy Desk!

I’ve got skeletor to keep my company. A puzzle box just in case I wanna raise some hell. And Jason there to keep the campers away. There are a few other things but you get the gist. You can see the white sheet of snow outside which provides a nice view while writing this blog. Might even get some writing done on a new story tonight. Got one to finish as well so might try to knock some words down on that baby. (that line may have been a clue, by the way.)

If your area got hit with this polar blast or arctic thunder or whatever they are calling it this week, be safe out there. Oh, if you need a good book to curl up to for the night my newest short horror story, One Two Three is available on kindle! Check out my Amazon profile by clicking on the cover of One Two Three below!

One Two Three
One Two Three

Stay warm out there peeps!



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