Fat Trapped for under a BUCK & Alpha Male

Wanted to take a break from the blog posts to let you guys know about some of my writing news.

First up is Fat Trapped. Yes it’s been out now for about 6 months (man how time flies) and until the rest of the year it’s under a buck at the cool price of .99 for the Amazon Kindle. Yes, you read that right, under ONE “FRIGGIN” BUCK. This would be a great time to nab a copy because after the first of the year, the price will go back up. So hurry, hurry, and I promise you that The Blankenships will be one family that you will never forget! Find out what happens when they kidnap 5 people from Garden Estates and what they are willing to do to them for family.

2 Copies For JUST 10.00!!!!
Click Pic For Link To Ebook!

Also available is a short story of mine called Alpha Male. It tells the story of Damon and his teenage revenge against his former best friend. Will he have the guts to go through with it and what will be the repercussion of him fulfilling his plan. The majority of it takes place on the playground & you will never be able to step foot on another one again without wondering who is the Alpha Male? It’s a quick read and at .99 it will make you want more & introduces another great horror villain.

Click Pic To Link To Buy The EBook!
Click Pic To Link To Buy The EBook!

If you would like to know more about me & my work, click the pic:


Visit R.T.'s Amazon Author page to find out more!
Visit R.T.’s Amazon Author page to find out more!



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