Prisoners- Movie Review

On Christmas day, it was decided that a movie had to be watched. At first, going to the theater sounded like a good option except that it was butt ass cold outside & it was nice and toasty inside. So we looked over the on demand choices that were available and noticed that Prisoners with Hugh Jackman & Jake Gyllenhaal. A decision had been made!

When this one was out in theaters I wanted to see it so I was excited to finally give it a chance in the comfort of my own home. The basic premise of the movie is two little girls go missing & one of the fathers becomes obsessed in finding them after the police prove to be of no help. It’s a good little mystery that has a satisfactory ending.

The movie does some really good things. It creates tension throughout the movie and it increases during the investigation. Gyllenhaal & Jackman are perfect in their roles. Gyllenhaal surprised me by playing the role of a Detective with some great body language and is very believable in the part. Jackman is also outstanding as a grief stricken father who is willing to do anything to get his little girl back. It also makes you question what you would do in a similar situation and maybe makes you think twice about your answer.

However, the movie is not perfect and one of its glaring issues is decision making. It seems as though I found myself screaming at the television wondering why some of characters thought the way they did. Especially the police, it seems that they were incompetent at doing their job. Some really poor choices were made by both parties but I give some leeway to Hugh Jackman’s character since he is the movie’s “everyman”.

Overall, the movie is worth a watch especially if you like a good mystery. I figured half of the story out a little way through but enjoyed the parts I couldn’t guess completely.





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