Do you know The Nerdist?

Most of you know that I am a proud nerd. For better or worse, that’s what I am. All of my quirks, hangups, and annoying habits can be attributed to who I am. I guess you can toss “a little bit of a jerk” in for good measure but I promise I’m a good person deep down. Promise.

So in being a nerd I may know of certain things that the average public may not know about. The Nerdist is probably one of those things, all though it is widely popular around the world. What is The Nerdist you ask. Well it’s a podcast hosted by Chris Hardwick (yeah the guy that hosted MTV’s Singled Out years ago) that has a conversation with a person. The Nerdist is also a youtube channel I believe although I haven’t given it much of a look.

Most of the time its a famous person who you will know but sometimes you may not know them and its okay because those episodes are equally awesome. Hardwick is generally joined with his co hosts Matt & Jonah who are sometimes the best part of the show. When allowed they are very funny and have a sense of humor that I feel is close to mine. They add some great content to the interviews. The guests are always great and its not like an interview show, more like a conversation that lasts an hour.

My point of this post was really to tell you about a quote I like from Chris Hardwick’s book The Nerdist Way. It is a fantastic book even if you are not a nerd. Some great life lessons as well that anyone can benefit from.

So here is the quote:

Honest people give truthful assessments when asked. Douchebags say any old shitty thing they want to people whenever they feel like it.

I love this quote because when people say “I’m just being honest,” after saying something mean spirited, no they are not. They are being mean, maybe even a bully some would say.

That’s all I really have for today. Listen to the podcast, its free on iTunes and buy his book if you want some good ole fashioned life advice!



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