Win A Copy Of Fat Trapped From!!

That’s right, Thanks to Mike and Frank over at you have a chance to win a free AUTOGRAPHED copy of my first horror novella Fat Trapped.

If you have never heard of Fearshop than you are missing out on the best horror/metal merchandise on the web! If you are looking for that cool shirt to represent you favorite horror movie or heavy metal band than you can look no further. 

They also have a horror podcast that they host discussing and reviewing horror movies that you love and some that you may have never heard of. You can find their show on iTunes! 



I would like to once again thank Mike and Frank for all their support they have been for Fat Trapped. Now without further ado, here is the link that you can enter the contest with.

Also, I think you can enter everyday & there is more than just one way to enter so check out all the options!

Oh & if you have never heard Fat Trapped, where the heck have you been! Here is a quick synopsis about the horrifying tale that takes place in the neighborhood Garden Estates.

What was supposed to be a normal day for five separate people turns into a nightmare in the neighborhood of Garden Estates. These five people have been abducted by a sadistic family that is out to torture and kill them for unknown reasons. By the end of the night, all five people will know exactly why they are there but until then they must band together and figure out an escape. That may not be easy due to the ropes around their wrists and gags around their mouths. As the family makes their way down to the basement, it becomes clear that each of them are going to die if they don’t find a way out. 

Fat Trapped is a story inspired by horrific tales such as Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects, Hostel, and SAW. With the tagline “Some basement’s are used for laundry, theirs is used for torture,” you know there is bound to be trouble. 

The Blankenships will make you question what your neighbors do in their basement.


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