A Trip To The Big City.

No, no, no, I ain’t talking New York but thats a good guess. I’m talking my long journey (30 minutes) into the closest big city I know, Knoxville, TN. I know to some it’s not that big of a deal but I don’t get that way too often these days. Even though I travel an hour one way to my workplace, I go in the opposite direction. So going “west” is not a common occurrence. So what made me go there today? Well I’m so glad you asked or I wouldn’t have a blog to post about.

I was fortunate enough to get a MacBook Pro back in January. I absolutely love it, I don’t know how my life existed without it and I’m only halfway kidding. When I purchased it, I made sure to get at least a one year warranty to cover my ass considering how much $$$ apple thinks they are worth (and they are). Well back to the problem at hand. Ever since I had owned it I have had an issue with the disk drive. It would never take my disc. I would push it in and it would never suck it in to the machine like one would think. It would get almost in and I would stop pushing in fear that the disc would get stuck and I would never get it out thus having to go to have it looked at which I had to do anyway. So upon getting there, I waited in line about 5 minutes and they called me up. I give the woman my receipt and the process begins. I tell her what the issue is so she goes to the back for a few moments. She comes back, we boot up the computer and she proceeds to stick the disc in. She gets the disc almost all the way in, further than I would take it and booyah, my little apple machine sucked in the Bourne Legacy & started playing it immediately.

Now the women behind the counter did not take any actions to make me think this but boy did I feel like a complete idiot. In my mind my very expensive laptop should have taken what I give to it ASAP. But alas I was wrong, I figure the engineers at my favorite fruit product did it to fool the simple folk like me. Anyway I would like the thank the people at GEEKSQUAD for all of their assistance & for not making me feel even stupider than I already did. So I left the store with my head down in shame. Not really but I like to sound dramatic.

Since I was already in town I thought I would go to the comic book shop. Problem #1 is that the comic shop is on the other side of the city. But to me it would be worth it because it had been far too long since I have smelled the unique odor that only a comic shop can provide. I mean that in the best way possible too.

I spent about a half an hour wondering around just looking at all the different covers and imagining the stories that were told in each one of them. I know it sounds weird but its what I enjoy most about comics. So my haul for the day was minimal but fulfilling I think.

From DC comics I picked up Batman issue 23.4:BANE #1, I’m not sure but maybe this is why the comic industry is suffering, why the @!%* would you make it that confusing to the public. Maybe nerds (which I proudly am one) get it but come on, make this stuff accessible to the public. Anyway, I shall continue. I picked up Batman: The Dark Knight Volume 1 which includes several of the first run of the new 52 which I’m anxious to read.

And last but not least my most interesting pick of the bunch. Afterlife with Archie comics No. 1. Yes I couldn’t believe it myself when I saw the Riverdale gang caught up in the zombie craze and just could not pass it up. Even though I am a bit zombied out, this was too cool to pass up as Archie and the gang means alot to me because they were a big part of my childhood. I shall report back to let you know how that one is.

So that was my day. Fairly eventful for me as of late because I even got the yard mowed. Which I will glad when that is over, at least for 2013.


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