King of The World’s End

I went to see The World’s End last night thinking that I would just mildly enjoy it. Wow, was I wrong. I friggin loved it. I thought it was very funny all the way through but more importantly had a terrific story. Mind you, this story is sort of specific to adults in their 30’s & 40’s but still some good messages are hidden in there.

The main character Gary King could of been a disaster. He could have been a character that could easily been hated and annoying but Simon Pegg pulls it off. Pegg forces you to like this lovable loser. Also, surrounded by him are his friends that go through the movie ever changing and really evolve by the end of the movie. 

I imagine that I am not alone in seeing me some of my friends in this movie, how we grew up & how we are now. Pegg and everyone really captures the feelings that these characters have gone through their lives. The real shock of the story is how good of a sci fi movie this is. Lots of good fight scenes surprisingly are scattered throughout the movie. 

The end of this movie is really great, I just think it was so different then I think it would have actually happened. I am not much of  a costumer as far as building my own but let’s just say that at the end there is definitely one that I want to put together.

Check out The Worlds End, there is no way possible that you will be disappointed.


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