The What’s Up Update

It’s been awhile since I have updated this because I was going to start another blog but I don’t think that one is going to be my full time blog. I will start to update this site much more regularly.

I wanted to give everyone a heads up of what was going on with my writing & future books etc..

Paperback versions of Fat Trapped are NOW AVAILABLE! They get shipped straight from me if you follow the instructions on the ordering screen you can get it autographed anyway you want! For more information on how to order please click the picture below.


I have an amazon author page which will contain all of the e books that I put out. As of right now, there is of course my horror novella Fat Trapped available & as of last week I released a short story called Alpha Male. My Amazon page can be seen by clicking the picture below.


As far as what I am working on now?

For those of you that have read Fat Trapped, you know that there is much more to the story. I am working on the sequel but I will be honest and I don’t see it coming out anytime soon. My goal for the sequel to Fat Trapped is 2015. I know that is a looong time away but I am working on other things that I am hoping will help with the release of the sequel, which I can’t give the name just yet as it is kind of spoiler-ish of the first one.

There are lots of things to be excited about though because I plan to release another short horror story called “One Two Three” in October. The story resolves around a man with OCD’s that is getting ready to meet a woman he has been talking to on the internet for the first time.

Then in November I am hoping to release my very first Christmas story.

That’s right, the Christmas story is yet unnamed but it will indeed be horror & I can tell you that it will be centered around The Blankenship family as a prequel to Fat Trapped. I am not sure on the length yet but I am aiming for about 10,000 words. For reference, Fat Trapped is about 45,000 words. It may not seem like a lot but this story is guaranteed to give you a lot more insight on everybody’s favorite family in Garden Estates. Even though this is a prequel to Fat Trapped, I will be recommending that everyone read Fat Trapped first to get the full affect of each story.

So that’s it, those are my goals to finish out 2013.

I want to thank everyone that has purchased Fat Trapped or Alpha Male. If you have read them please leave an Amazon review & let me know what you think. This has been an exciting year for me and I hope to finish it out with a bang.

R.T. Ewell-


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