Fat Trapped Now Available On Kindle!



I am very happy to announce that my horror novella Fat Trapped is now available on your Kindle or Kindle App! As most of you know I have been working on this novella for a long time but four years later I am happy to say that it is now available to read! 

If you enjoy your horror with a little bit of mystery, suspense, & torture then this just might be the book you have been looking for. In this book I introduce a family so sadistic that you won’t be able to help but to fall in love with them. Here is a little bit of what the book is about:

“What was supposed to be a normal day for five separate people turns into a nightmare in the neighborhood of Garden Estates. These five people have been abducted by a sadistic family that is out to torture and kill them for unknown reasons. By the end of the night, all five people will know exactly why they are there but until then they must band together and figure out an escape. That may not be easy due to the ropes around their wrists and gags around their mouths. As the family makes their way down to the basement, it becomes clear that each of them are going to die if they don’t find a way out.”

If you are interested in purchasing the e book than please follow this link:

I hope to have news on the print version of the book very soon!



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