Big Week.

That’s the best I can name this blog because that’s exactly what I am hoping for. My life has been unusually crazy lately which causes my anxiety to rise a bit. In this blog I don’t really want to go into detail about things, instead I write this blog at 1:35 am to try to put my mind at ease. Restlessness has hit me and sleep is nowhere to be found.

I am hoping I get a certain phone call this week that could prove to be one of the better things that would be going on in my life. The frustrating part to me is not knowing when things are going to happen. It’s hard to be patient when so much is on the line.

So much is out of my hands right now that I just want one thing to go right. This feeling I have is not what I want. I’m not sure how to fix it at this point either as it seems the past eleven years have been…well to be honest I don’t what they have been. If I could figure that out I might be okay. Some things no matter what I do are just out of my hands but I wonder then how do I learn or grow from experiences if from what I’m told, I am doing everything right. 

I am trying to focus on releasing Fat Trapped very soon to keep my mind busy. Big things are happening and progress is being made so i am very happy about that. I am also very scared on how the book will be received. I guess it’s every artists/author’s fear that something they have grown to love will be hated by the masses. I know I have had that feeling with my artwork in the past with people making comments or using actions against some of my art.

For the most part I can take it. I don’t want people to be mean but I like constructive criticism but its seems most don’t know the difference. I hope you, the reader of this blog, don’t think this is a negative post of me bitching about the world. I guess sometimes I can come off like that but its quite the opposite. Life has thrown me 2 major curve balls in 2013 but overall I have remained positive and understand now in my mid thirties that everything will be okay. I have certain people in my life that make me know that it will be. I like surrounding myself by those people! 

So let’s hope that big things will happen this week for me and any of you that need big things to happen! Hopefully I will be able to tell you how you can get your hands on a copy of Fat Trapped very soon as well as that would make me extremely happy!



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