Something About A Truck


So to most people, this is just a blue Dodge pickup truck. To me it was a lot more than that. Let me start at the beginning.

It was 2002 and for reasons I will not go into, I was forced to get another vehicle. I went to the car lot with a certain amount of money to spend and asked em what they had. Pretty much this truck was all I had to choose from for the amount of money I had on hand and willing to spend monthly. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t particular love it either. I felt stuck and this was my only way out.

The good thing is that the longer I had the truck the more it grew on me. The more I drove it, the more I became attached to it. Stories began to be made as time went on. It wasn’t the greatest truck. There were no power windows, no power locks, and it was only a 4 cylinder engine so most people scoffed at the power. In its later years, the A/C had crapped out and only one side of the trucks speakers kept working. There was no fancy cd player to rock out to, just a cassette tape.

Despite all these things, I friggin loved this truck. It just felt right, I can’t explain why it felt right, it just did. The older I get the more I believe sometimes things don’t have to have an explanation. I had the truck 11 years and it was a big part of who I was. I guess at this point of the story you are asking well if you liked the truck so much why in the hell don’t you still have it?

Back in August 2012 it began making a noise. A very bad, very expensive noise. So it sat underneath my carport until I could get money up to fix it. By the time I was able to get the money, we couldn’t find the parts (at a reasonable price) that we needed. Then another event happened (that I will go into detail in another blog) and I was forced to sell it.

It was one of the hardest things I have had to do to watch someone drive the truck away. I know it sounds stupid because its just a vehicle but it actually stood for something to me. It stood for me growing up. i bought it when i was 24 years old and had to work 2 jobs for a year to pay for it. The truck was a reminder to me everyday that things always got better because thats exactly what happened. Everyday since the day I bought it got better than the previous. Unfortunately, my life is in a bit of a reboot stage and there many unknowns. Without the truck I have to admit I’m a bit scared which may sound stupid but it had become my grown up security blanket.

I don’t know how the truck made it to it’s new house but apparently it did. I have heard that the new owner has put quite a bit of money into fixing it so far but I know it will be taken care of & in good hands. I will never forget this truck, at times I hated owning it. That was mainly due to moving other people’s stuff around town once they found out I owned said truck. At the end of the day I grew to love the damn thing and hope one day to own another one or a JEEP. To be honest I would rather have a JEEP but it looks like a new vehicle is probably a far off realization at this point in my life. Even without the truck I know things will get better, how you ask, call it a gut feeling.

Goodbye old friend.



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