The Baffling Success Of The Fast And The Furious Franchise

 The success of the Fast & Furious franchise baffles some people but not me. Now, I’m not smarter than anyone else. I just see the appeal in this “once car racing movie series.” I say “once” car racing series because honestly cars have taken kind of a backseat nowadays. The car races have been replaced with guns, fight scenes, and the most unbelievable stunts your movie watching eyes have laid on.

There is one other thing that replaced the racing in the series and its probably the most important. Dom and his crew are a cohesive group of friends. Not just “how’s it going buddy,” kind of friends either. They are the kind of friends that we have watched become family. They jab each other with sharp words but deep down you can see the closeness of the characters on the screen. I don’t know if the actors truly like each other but if they don’t, they all deserve oscars.

All of the relationships that are on the screen are brilliantly written and portrayed. The people that go to these movies either want the same relationship in their real life or has that relationship already. The characters are super cool and they fight alongside each other. At the end of the day, that’s what we all want. People in our lives that will go to battle with us and crack jokes along the way. The sixth installment really amped up the humor while cementing the whole “family” aspect that the series has been trying to build since the first installment. It brings the series full circle.

Ever since Tokyo Drift (which was part 3) came out, it has had the same team of Director/Writer which has done nothing but improve the franchise. I hope movie studios take notice. While Joss Whedon and Chris Nolan take charge of Marvel & DC, the same method could be used in other franchises. Hollywood needs to not forget what makes their movies popular in the first place. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, just build an addition onto the house and improve it.

I believe thats what Justin Lin and Chris Morgan have done with the Fast and Furious franchise. They have created a story that spans through each movie and the brilliant part is that you don’t have to see every movie for it to make sense. Sure there might be a part you don’t fully understand but it won’t affect the way you watch the story. To be honest there are so many loop holes in the series and if you care about a movie being realistic then this is not the series for you.

The last thirty minutes of Furious 6 is so much fun to watch but if you think about it too hard you will not be able to enjoy it. I think what audiences and studios have forgotten is that simple word. Fun. That’s what a summer blockbuster is, a place where you can go for a couple of hours and escape into a world that isn’t filled with reality.

At the end of this movie it has one of the biggest secrets I can remember in quite a while. How it hasn’t been spoiled, I will never know. Here’s a tip though, don’t go on IMDB because it can easily be found there. It has been announced that we are getting another movie in 2014. It will have a different director but from what I can tell, it will have the same writer so that is a good thing. I have a few ideas of where they could go in the next movie but I have confidence that they will continue the fun and family the franchise has built.


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