Summers With Memaw

Long before Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory had his Memaw, I had mine. She was my world. I was her favorite grandson but that may have been by default because I was her only grandchild. If someone were to ask me what some of my fondest memories were of me growing up, it would be every second that I got to spend with Memaw. I remember when I was probably in the 3rd thru 5th grade the most. It seemed like I spent most of my summers with her at her trailer down in Tampa, Fl. Just me and her.

I loved spending as much time with Memaw as possible, one reason could be that she waited on me hand and foot. If I wanted an egg sandwich at 1:30 in the morning, that woman would get up and make it for me. Not only would she make an egg but she would fry a piece of sausage in the pan and then make the eggs in the grease. Talk about good, my mouth still waters at the thought. Another reason was because had great talks and made each other laugh. We also viewed the world (for better or worse) much of the same.

We would watch Price is Right, the local noon news, and my guiltiest pleasure of all, Young and the restless. And before you ask, yes I remember when the crazed fan locked up Brad in her house inside a cage and held him hostage. While we enjoyed a lot of the games on the Price Is Right, Plinko was our absolute favorite and I still love to watch it now. In fact, as I grew up, Memaw would call me on my lunch break at work and tell that Plinko had been played that day.

While watching all the daytime programs we would crack peanuts out of their shell and eat them all day long it seemed like. In between some of the programs that we didn’t like, we would play one of our favorite games which was Boggle. Checkers was a regular game we would play as well. When someone mentions Memaw,I cant help but think of word searches because those were her absolute favorite. We would see who could find a word first or who could find the most. This also led to our other favorite activity which was watching Wheel Of Fortune. There seemed to be a lot of TV watching at her house but I didn’t mind that a bit. Back then I didn’t get to watch what I wanted to watch. It was her house, her tv so whatever she wanted to watch was what we did. I didn’t care what we watched as long as she was in the room with me was all I cared about.

So plenty of Golden Girls, Empty Nest, Matlock, Andy Griffith, In The Heat Of The Night and other shows that were geared toward adults that I shouldn’t have been watching. The thing is, this all probably sounds awful to kids nowadays but I would not have had it any other way. I had a very special relationship with Memaw and to this day I believe I was the only person she truly understood her. Not that she was a mean person but she had no problem telling you her opinion.¬†

These days, I sure could use that game of Boggle or to hear her laugh fill the air in the room. Unfortunately, she passed away about 5 years ago. My life is a bit of a whirlwind right now and I sure could use her cooking specialty (Rice, Stewed Tomatoes, Onions, and Pork Chops on top) to make things a little better. I am grateful that I had her in my life for 30 years and I miss her everyday but I know she is happy with my grandfather who I unfortunately never got to meet because he passed a month before I was born.


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  1. Jessica Collins 05/17/2013 — 11:39 pm

    Richard… you are so right.. Tippy was very special to you and always was… She was very strange to me at times and I am not saying that in a bad way its just that I was young and didnt know her like you did. She will always be with you and dont ever forget those memories… love ya Richard.

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