A Bad Day For The Die Hard Franchise

This is not a review of A Good Day To Die Hard, instead it is a look at what the movie does for the Die Hard Franchise.

Critics & Audiences alike are panning the new movie starring Bruce Willis saying its the worst Die Hard of them all. I completely disagree, because this is not a Die Hard movie. If this was an action movie that someone rented at the local Red Box, it probably would get rave reviews. The problem is that people went to the theater to see a Die Hard movie.

Let’s face it. Die Hard came out 25 years ago. I know, it makes me feel old as well. The biggest problem I have with watching a Die Hard movie is that now a days Bruce Willis does not look like John McClane. The reason? Its that bald head. Now I have nothing against baldness as I face it myself but heres the thing. Look at every Bruce Willis movie from the past at least 10 years. Die Hard 4, Expendables 2, In The Cold Light Of Day, and especially the upcoming G.I. Joe sequel. He is the same character in every single movie. It’s kind of ridiculous. The reason is that damn bald head.

Okay so enough on the baldness rant, lets talk about attitude. This man in A Good Day To Die Hard is not John McClane. It just a different person. The humor wasn’t there and even the way he deals with problems doesn’t seem to be the same. It just felt off the entire movie.

It also doesn’t help that the audience is not connected with the McClane family at this point. Now they are forcing them down our throats, with the daughter in the last movie and the son in this one. Now Jai Courtney plays the role of his son and does a pretty good job except for the fact that he’s whiney and hates his dad. The problem? We all love his dad so he comes off as a jerk to us. The son has every reason to hate his father but we as the audience don’t care. Because John McClane is our hero and we would all love to have him as a dad, okay completely speaking for myself. Throughout the first three movies they should have involved the kids so that when it was time for them to be fully fledged members of the Die Hard franchise it would be easier for audiences to except them. Being the fifth movie, they should have went back to the basics, instead they went to Moscow. Big Mistake. I say they should have brought Sam Jackson back because they were a great team. Not having cameos at all made this movie feel out of place from the others, they should have put something in this movie to link the others. Hell the mother isn’t even mentioned.

So when people say that A Good Day To Die Hard is a terrible movie, I completely disagree with them because its just a terrible Die Hard movie. But if you want to see an action movie with no storyline, no awesome bad guy, and tons of jumping off buildings and explosions than this is the freaking movie for you! 



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