Days Of The Dead 2013

So about a week ago I made a pretty quick decision to attend this years Days Of The Dead horror convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I didn’t really want to go by myself so I called my good buddy Steve & he was all in! I pre-purchased our tickets hoping that it would make things easier and boy did it!

We left at seven o clock in the morning on Saturday February 2, 2013 and arrived three hours later at 10:30 in Atlanta and parked at the first parking garage we found which was about a walk of less than 10 minutes to the hotel. I thought it was gonna be a bigger ordeal traveling to Atlanta but I am happy to report it was a rather easy drive!

Once arriving we quickly got our tickets and made our way into the vendor room. Some really great vendors & artists were attending this year. I made my rounds and said hello to a few artists I knew Jason Flowers & Eric Brown. They are very talented and always awesome to talk to. I surveyed the room but made no purchases, wanting to let it all sink in.

With time ticking by we made our way into the celebrity room/rooms and they were bumping with some excited attendees! I had one major goal coming into this show and it was meeting my favorite character, the one and only Otis Driftwood AKA Bill Mosely from my favorite movie The Devils Rejects! He was very kind and I was extremely nervous talking to him but he was very kind!

While in the celebrity room I saw Leslie Easterbrook who played Mother Firefly in Devils Rejects which I am trying to complete my autograph collection from my favorite characters from one of my favorite horror movies! To be honest I wasn’t overly excited to meet her but man was I a fool not to be. She was so kind and I could just see the excitement she had for the movie I adored so much! I could have talked to her for hours as she had some great stories to tell!

I also had the opportunity to meet a few wrestlers which I will not disclose their names but they are now added to my list of wrestlers I have been disappointed by when meeting them in person. It’s cool though, I don’t let a few bad apples ruin the bunch!

We also had the chance to go to the panel of House Of A 1,000 Corpses which was very entertaining with the stars telling some great stories. You could tell the passion they had for this movie that they put so much  hard work into. It’s also an incredible story about the distribution of the movie and just goes to show, someone out there is will to give you a chance.

After going back into the vendor room we made our way home but not before stopping at Cracker Barrel and grabbing some dinner! Overall, a great horror con was produced by the folks @ Days Of The Dead. It was well worth the total of 6 hours of driving that we did in a 13 hour dayI highly recommend this show as they have a few throughout the U.S. Check them out at for more info about their upcoming shows!


*Below Are A Few Pictures That I Was Able To Take*

Me & Bill Moseley!
Me & Leslie Easterbrook!
A group shot of the House Of 1,000 Corpses panel!
A terrific Shredder costume from TMNT!

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