Spiderhole- Movie Review

A while back I was at the local video store (yes, they still exist) and was browsing my favorite section of DVD’s, Horror.  Whenever I am in that section I tend to look for the label “IFC Midnight” because they distribute some fantastic horror movies.  So that is how I came across Spiderhole which had a very eye catching cover and a blurb on the front which read “You liked Hostel and Saw, You’ll like Spiderhole”.  With all the factors into place I thought “how can I go wrong with this title”.  Beware there will be some mild spoilers in this review of Spiderhole.

Spiderhole takes place in London where apparently you can live in abandon houses as squatters so a group of people take advantage of this and are able to live rent free.  Once they get inside this house they become trap in it which happens while they are asleep all the windows and doors become impossible to escape.  From here we get ALOT of awful dialouge in which all the people become unlikable and just become very annoying.  Spiderhole presents noting new as one creepy old guy eventually getting a hold of all the people to torture and kill.

This movie is not like Saw and Hostel as the blurb indicates because if it were it would be a movie worth watching.

The budget is low and it shows in the kills and acting which I thought was three steps away from terrible.  Alot of the scenes were predictable and one scene has been so many times before we immediatly guessed what was happening.  There are only two postive things I will say about Spiderhole, it was shot half way decent and the end tries to do something a little different.  I think there was a good back story for the villian but honestly I couldn’t tell you what it was, but there seemed to be a plan in place for him. 

Well as you can tell I didn’t much care for this movie and I don’t want to talk about it anymore.  I give Spiderhole a 3/10.



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