Ted- Movie Review

When I first heard about a new live action comedy from Seth MacFarlane, I was excited.  That is until I heard about the star of the movie, which just happens to be the one and only Marky Mark (I refuse to call him by his full name) without his funky bunch.  However, over time I saw a few trailers that made me laugh so I thought I would go ahead and give it a shot.  The review that follows contains light spoilers so you have been warned!

The story is simple.  A boy who has no friends wishes one night that his new teddy bear could talk so he could have a friend forever.  Well his wish came true and the whole world finds out that a teddy bear came to life.  Fast forward to 27 years later and nobody cares about a bear that can talk so all Ted and his owner John do is basically sit around and smoke pot all day.  That is until Lori (John’s girlfriend of 4 years) wants Ted out of their apartment.

That is the basic premise of the movie so nothing mind blowing there.  This movie is funny.  Actually it’s pretty damn funny!  I enjoyed it alot and believe it or not Marky Mark was actually decent in this and added some nice back and forth banter with Ted.  Speaking of Ted, the CGI on this stupid little bear is outstanding.  Not one time during this movie do you think its absurd for people to be taking this bear seriously.  Although the voice of Ted is basically Peter and Brian of Seth MacFarlane’s other creation Family Guy so it’s tough to get passed that sometimes. 

There are some very good laugh out loud moments watching this teddy bear do drugs and curse at people and pop culture references are littered through out the movie.  If you are a fan of Flash Gordan, all I can say is you MUST see this movie. 

If I was going to find negative things to say about Ted, there are only two. 

The first one is that the last 25 minutes of the movie dragged for me and was not all that funny.  However the first hour and twenty minutes more than gladly made up for this.

The second problem is that there is a sub plot which features Giovanni Ribisi.  It’s not funny but it does help with the progression of the storyline.

Also, if anyone can explain to me how Joel McHale is funny, I would love to hear how he is or why I should care about him, thanks.

So If you want to laugh, I say give this sick bastard of a teddy bear a chance as I give the move a rating of 7 out of 10.



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