Death Match- Book Review

About a month ago someone (I have forgotten who) posted a status update on Facebook about a book that was free on the Kindle.  There post went something like this- if you like wrestling and thrillers then checkout Death Match by Jason Ridler for free.  Well this caught my attention as I am a huge wrestling fan and I just happen to love reading books as well.

I do not own a Kindle however, I do have the Kindle app on my iPhone which is even handier because I always have my phone with me and can read when I am bored where ever I happen to be.  The book being free didn’t hurt a bit so I figured what the hell.  Beware there will be mild spoilers in this review of Death Match: A Spar Battersea Wrestling Thriller but trust me I will not ruin the book for ya.

I have never quite read a book like Death Match.  Spar Battersea is perhaps my favorite main character from any book.  Spar just seemed very real to me and stole the entire book and is the reason I enjoyed it as much as I did. He’s a punk rocker and kinda free-lance journalist who gets mixed up in a who-done-it mystery when his best friend/wrestler Clown Royale dies in the ring.   Once his friend dies, he gets mixed in with a variety of great side characters trying to figure out what exactly happened.  The Bullet is one of these great character as he is an aging wrestler who gets put into the mix as well. 

 The dialogue feels very real to me the way characters interact with each other.  I love that there is cursing  in the book as it fits in perfect with the story and isn’t just thrown in there for the sake of it.  However, some the story does seem to be lacking.  The end of the book gets a little muddled and I got to a point where I was confused about two characters being related.  Parts of me wishes that there was more interaction between Spar and Clown Royale so we could see their friendship in full effect but Ridler makes it well-known how much Clown meant to Spar.  Also, there are some mistakes grammar wise but not enough to take away from the book.  The plus side is that Spar Battersea is such an amazing character that those things do not ruin the book for me.  

If you are a wrestling fan, go download this book today.  If you are not a wrestling fan I still think you should download this book because Jason Ridler does a great job in explaining the wrestling world to people who are unfamiliar with it and tells a great story here.  I can tell he is a huge fan of wrestling as it shows in the book. 

Overall, I give the book a 7.5 out of 10 for the simple fact that Jason Ridler has given us one of the most unique and fun characters in Spar Battersea.  There is a second book in the series called Con Job featuring the one and only Spar Battersea so I hope to be checking it out sometime. 

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