Buying Movies and a Knee Injury

Today was very eventful.  I mowed the yard before lunch so I could get that horrendous job out of the way.  Then I headed into the big city (a.k.a. Knox Vegas, a.k.a. Knoxville, Tn) with some friends to go to our favorite used book store.  The place is called McKay’s and it is really amazing, not only is it a book store but also has DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, Video Games, Music CD’s and now even comic books!  I did not make it to the comic book portion of the store but I did score some sweet Blu-Rays to add to my growing collection thanks to some media/books that I  traded in to receive credit for.

I got two motivational fight movies to get my fix on inspiration, Warrior was the first one and I have not seen it yet but figured I’d give it a shot.  The other fight movie was The Karate Kid, not the classic from when I grew up but the remake which was surprisingly done very well and fits into the series as a very nice tribute.  

I also added the Rob Zombie Halloween series into my collection and am excited to watch the director’s cut of the sequel as I have heard it is different (and better) than what was shown in the theaters.

Subspecies is a Full Moon movie which I haven’t seen in years, probably since I was a teenager so I am excited to see what I remember of it and if it still holds up.

And finally I picked up Inglorious Basterds which I have not seen but it was a fair price so it was easily added to my cart.

After that it was time for my Body Combat class.  “What the hell is Body Combat?” you ask, well it is one of my favorite classes down at National Fitness Center.  This particular class focuses on many different martial arts, although you do not fight anyone but yourself and the beat of the music.  I have been a member of NFC for about two months or so and I have become addicted to the group fitness classes there.  I have met a few people in there that make going on certain days a whole lot easier.  The instructors are very helpful and motivational, which I can use alot of the latter right now. 

I felt great going into class, I stretched a bit so I could be prepared for the “battle” I was about to put my body through.  Once class started, everything was going great and then I did a side kick with my left leg.  Than something happened, a certain feeling happened.  I know this feeling all to well as it seems as though I have pulled something.  Truth be told, this isn’t the first time but I have always plowed through it.  This time was not so easy.

I made it through class but limped to my truck, then limped around the grocery store, then limped to my couch where I put some ice to it, thanks to advice of an understanding instructor.  Then I limped my ass around the neighborhood walking our over active pug.  I have put my body through alot in the past two months and it does come with some positives and negatives. 

The positives:  I feel and look great! 

The negatives: I hurt and have zero time for other things.

Over the past two months I have thought alot about not doing as much or even not exercising at all but at the end of the day that is not what I want.  I mean truly want.  I want control of my life and body back.  I don’t want to be what I am right now.  Granted I am 50 pounds lighter than I was this time last year but that is not good enough.  It would be easy if I chose not go to the gym the rest of this week and take it easy, but what will that get me?  NOTHING!!

Now, I am not stupid and I know my body well enough (insert perverted joke here) to know when too much is way too much.  My point is if you want to do something, FUCKING DO IT!  No excuses just fucking go balls out.  I am about twenty-three pounds from my target weight and it seems very far away but you know what, if I want it bad enough, it will happen.  So if there is something that you are trying to do, just stick with it and whatever your goal is you WILL eventually reach it as long and you stay focused. 

Just know that there are people out there is worse situations doing amazing things and this should get you through the day like it does me.

Now I’m gonna go ice my fucking knee!



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