Cleaning House.

Today has been spent doing something that I am pretty sure everyone of us hate doing.  Cleaning.  Not just your average “oh the house is a tad dirty” cleaning but the kind of cleaning where you have to take a truck load to your local thrift store or the city dump (whichever one of these may be more applicable). 

This was something that needed to be done for far too long as the second bedroom had become a breeding ground for too much stuff in a tiny little room.  So with a computer desk, a television and stand, three different media storage stands, a futon, and a dog crate the room had reached max capacity.  There are also four comic book boxes in the closet (that I can’t get too) and stacks of comic books spread across the futon.  So all of this has suddenly become overwhelming so since Sunday somehow always become cleaning day, I decided to take full advantage of this.

My plan was to move the computer desk down stairs in my relatively small basement. 

Problem #1:  The basement is, for a lack of a better term, shit wrecked.  

I started off my day by making piles of where stuff would go to.  Either trash, thrift shops, or friends.  After a few hours the basement was looking damn good (if I do say so myself) so I was finally able to move the computer desk with matching computer downstairs and I am happy to say that is how I am posting this lovely blog right now! 

Problem #2:  The upstairs looks like it is ready to be filmed on the latest Hoarders episode. 

The good news is that I am fairly confident that by tomorrow night everything will be in order and my mind will be at ease.  My goal was not only to clean up the house but to try to motivate my “creative writing ghoul” with a shift in environment.  I have been depressed and completely unmotivated to write but I WANT that to change right now and that is always the first step.  With a brand new story in my head (actually two)  I am ready to tackle yet another goal but this time it is 2 novella’s not just one. 

One will actually be a sequel to “Fat Trapped” while the other one will be a huge departure being way more mainstream focusing on a group of friends in their 30’s going on a vacation together. 

So if you need to clean your life up a little bit, start with your house and move stuff around to freshen things up a bit, I think you will feel much better.  Although I will warn you, it will suck.  Because cleaning house always sucks.  Now if you need me I will be upstairs crying…I mean cleaning. 



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