Too Long, So Wrong.

It’s been far too long, my ranting peeps!

Some crazy stuff has happened over the past five months. so I have neglected this blog which I plan to put a stop to….. right now! In my last post I noticed that it was about the fate of my horror novella “Fat Trapped”, well I have some good news. I am going to be recording the story and putting it into audio form on iTunes and other possible media outlets. I have the intro music selected and will hopefully be recording the opening title sequence and the first chapter this weekend. Not sure when it will all go live but as soon as it does, I will surely let you all know.

Also, regarding “Fat Trapped” it looks like I will be doing the artwork for the book including the cover. So far so good, I am starting to post pictures on FB (richardewellart) and Twitter (@richardrants) if you want to see them. I am planning on creating a facebook fan page for Fat Trapped so I can put more of the information regarding the book so people will know the status of the book, when that happens I will post here about it! I am very excited about things to come and will let you all know all the latest happening with my writing endeavors.



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