What Is The Fate Of Fat Trapped?

So most of you know by now that I have written a horror novella called Fat Trapped.  Also I have made the decision to self publish it so I started a Kick Starter campaign at the beginning of October to help with the funding.  Well, at the end of October I did not reach my goal of 750.00 that was needed to fund my project.  So I have been getting the question “What Now?” from a lot of people.  The answer is simply put, “I Don’t Know”.

Trust me folks that is not the answer I want to give you all but it is the only one I have right now.  If all goes right I plan on still publishing the book myself and if I can’t get it in to paperback form I am fairly positive that I can get it into E-Book form.  I really want to get the book in an audio form too because I love audio books myself so that will be something I will look more into.

Like I said though as of now the above may not happen at all.  It depends on how next year goes for me and if I am able to do all this myself.

I am in the editing/rewriting stage as of now with Fat Trapped and am hoping I can have it done by the end of December or January.  I truly love the story and think it brings something different to the horror community.  While I was writing the story I found myself falling in love with the characters including the Blankenship family.  I have more plans for the characters from Fat Trapped (well at least the ones that survived)  to be continued in another book as well as a third making it a trilogy.

The Kick Starter campaign taught me one thing.  I have amazing & supportive people that surround me even if they don’t like horror, they still supported me and the book.  Truly an amazing thing I experienced and I’d like to thank each of you for your support!

Also I would like to thank a good friend of mine, HorrO at http://horrosgoryreviews.blogspot.com/ for all the support he gave me and the book.  He does amazing horror reviews of TV & Movies so I urge you to check him out on twitter: @horrosreviews

HorrO also runs http://www.promotehorror.com which is an AMAZING SITE!  If you love horror than you are really missing out  if you don’t look at this site everyday!  Also follow him on twitter:  @promotehorror  because that’s where I get 75% of my horror info!

And finally Mike and Frank over at the FearShop.com Horror Podcast.  They have an amazing podcast over there reviewing old & new horror movies.  It is one of my favorite podcasts and they do a new one every two weeks so you must give it a listen!  Also they have a great heavy metal & horror shirt site at http://www.fearshop.com and their podcast site is http://www.fearshop.com/podcast

Again, I am blown away by the support you all continue to give me, thank you from the body of my horror heart!  I promise one day Fat Trapped will see the light of day just when & how are the answers I cannot give. Once I know, I promise, you guys will know!




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  1. Thanks for the kind words my friend. I really appreciate it. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it happen for Fat Trapped, but I’m here to help with whatever your next move is. Just focus on what you can do for now, which is editing. Once you have that done, then see what the next step is. Keep the Fat Trapped buzz alive too! You never know who will see it, and may want to help you out.

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