The Human Centipede 2 Movie Review

When I first heard the concept for The Human Centipede, I, like many others was intrigued.  Some people, (who are not horror fans in my belief) thought the concept was laughable & stupid.  But true horror fans I believe admired the balls it took to come up with a story and present it to someone in the movie industry.  After viewing the first movie my opinion was positive, did I think it was the best movie I ever watched well the answer would be no but it definitely was not the worst.  Also something that stuck out to me was the villan Dr. Heiter played by Dieter Laser was extremely creepy!  So needless to say when I heard writer/director Tom Six was making a trilogy I was more than happy.  Well, last night in Knoxville, TN I had the pleasure to view The Human Centipede 2.  I will have some mild spoilers below but nothing that would ruin the movie.  (however major spoilers from the first one will be revealed)

The story for The Human Centipede was completely different from the first one which fit in perfect with the storyline.  It focuses on a parking attendant by the name of Martin who is wonderfully played by Laurence R. Harvey.  He is obsessed with the first movie as he watches it over and over while he is at work.  Even going as far to make a scrap-book of it.  His obsession goes too far as he begins gathering people together to make his own, even longer, human centipede.  This however is not an easy task as he is not a doctor unlike the first movie.

So the tagline for the first movie was “100% medically accurate” while the tagline for the second one  is  “100% medically inaccurate”.  This new tagline is very important to help you suspend your belief while watching this movie as I found myself to be thinking the stuff was completely impossible in this movie.  I never found myself saying that in the first one but once I told myself while watching the second one that it was only a horror movie it was much easier for me to enjoy.

The movie was noticeably different from the first one right of the bat because it was in black and white unlike the previous one which was in color. This made the movie have a completely different vibe for about the first 45 minutes because the tone of the movie for the most part was serious.  After that the movie almost becomes a parody of itself and has some laugh out loud moments well for us sick and twisted folk, that is.  That’s not to say it isn’t gross because trust me it is, I found myself turning my head a couple of times throughout the film for what its worth.  Overall I believe that The Human Centipede is a good movie & will be a welcome addition to my Blu Ray collection when comes out in November.  Here are my brief thoughts on the awesome parts, the terrible parts, and the dead parts.

The Awesome Parts:

Laurence R. Harvey:  What a fantastic performance by a man who’s only movie credit on IMDB is this film.  He never speaks a word in this movie and does an amazing job at being a better villan then the one from the first movie (which I thought would be impossible).  Really such a creepy performance that this man stole every scene he was in and hopefully will show up in more movies especially horror. 

The Concept:  If you thought the first movie was extreme & daring well then this one succeeds it by a long shot.  I loved the fact that it was a man obsessing over the first movie as it gave it a much different feel.  Also the fact that this man wasn’t a doctor was equally fantastic because it added the scary factor of this man performing these medical procedures without any knowledge of what he was doing.  (This is where your belief must be suspended)

The Terrible Parts:

Plot Holes:  Lots of missing scenes in this movie that could have explained a little bit more about what exactly was going on.  The way Martin gathered the victims also got a  little redundant & I really wish Tom Six would have taken a different approach a few times.

Over The Top:  Don’t get me wrong I love my over the top horror movie but going by the first movie, the second one just felt a bit out-of-place.  Some of the scenes I loved while other scenes had me rolling my eyes.  This is definitely  a movie to have fun with & not one to take seriously or I think you would come out hating it.  Upon multiple viewings I could see me embracing the over the topness that this film possesses.

The Dead Parts: 

The End:  This is the part of the movie I absolutely hated.  The very last scene to me makes no sense what so ever so if you have seen it and you understand it please share your knowledge with me.  Now that being said the third movie will probably fix this issue so I hold my final judgement of the end till I know what the third film is about but as of now it stinks.

Final Words:

So overall, I give it a BLOODY STUMP UP despite its few problems throughout the movie.  If you enjoyed the first movie even a little bit I recommend watching this one & having fun with it!


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