Fat Trapped Is Complete!

It has been a while since I posted anything but here I am!  I also have some good news as I have completed Fat Trapped and have already done a rewrite for it.  When I first started I was aiming for 20,000 words and when I finished, I am right at 40,000 so I am very happy with that.  I am now working on getting some promo stuff ready for a show I have going on in Nashville at the first of October.  If you are in the area you should stop by as there will be a ton of guests there so if you want more info go to www.comiccitytn.com !! 

The book will not be in print form until early next year but I am hoping to have it in some kind of form by October to offer everyone.  Like I said the book turned out just as I hoped it would when I started back in January of this year taking inspiration from some of my favorite things but with a completely original story.  This is not your Stephen King kind of horror, if you are a fan of Devil’s Rejects and Hostel than you will love this book (in my opinion).  Check back here for more info and I hope to be starting a kickstarter campaign as soon as they approve me so that will have a TON of cool stuff for rewards in there for all of you to help support my project!  Thanks again for the support everyone!

That’s all  I got for now so until next time…….go to www.kickstarter.com and check out all the cool projects out there, its an awesome site!!


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