X-Men: First Class Review

Last week I was out of town and didn’t get to see the X-Men First Class on opening weekend so I thought I would catch it this week.  I had heard amazing reviews about this one and some people even said this was the best X-Men movie.  So needless to say I was excited about this one.  Well I am happy to report I have more good things to say about this one then bad.

The Good-  Professor X and Magneto were amazing, I loved seeing them work as a team and seeing how certain things with them happen.  James McAvoy I thought stole the movie, alot of people think Michael Fassbender did and he was awesome but I really just love the Professor X character.

Also Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique was very good and well acted.  However I did have a slight problem with her.  I thought she looked a bit weird in the costume and couldn’t get Rebecca Romijn out of my head.  But Lawrence is a great actress and proved it once again in this film.

It just felt like a good comic book movie with some good action and cool mutant powers!

The Bad-  Beast’s costume was terrible, I mean really bad.  I don’t know how they could make beast so cool looking in X-Men: The Last Stand and he look so crappy in this one.

Emma Frost- Alot of people said January Jones acting was terrible and I didnt really pick up on that.  What I did pick up on was the terrible CGI when she was in her diamond/ice transformation or what ever the hell that was called.  It was straight out of an early 90’s straight to video movie and is completely laughable that it is in a big budget movie.

Overall I loved the movie, I don’t this it was the best X-Men film but certainly wasn’t the worst!

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………Remember, Mutants really are not that bad, although they could be…!!



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  1. Awesome to see you reviewing a movie. Keep it up. I also enjoyed the movie. I am not an X-Men expert, but it was a cool movie. Some experts had some complaints but that is for them to worry about. Rebecca is hard to get out of your head lol! And Beast was ridiculous looking. Almost like they ran out of money in the budget for his character.

  2. Thanks man, I try to leave my comic book nerd side at the door when I watch a movie based on a comic book. I just wished there was continuity through all the films which there is not. Practically every film has a different storyline that doesn’t interact with the other films.

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