Fanaticon 2011

If you don’t know what Fanaticon is, then let me tell you.  It is a Pop Culture and Comic Convention in Asheville, North Carolina at the Asheville Arts Museum.  Now years ago I used to live in Weaverville, N.C. which is about 15 minutes from Asheville.  I now reside in Knoxville, TN but still have family there.  So I decided I would take the journey about a 2 and a 1/2 hour drive.  I called my Dad and he said he would go with me so I picked him up and we headed to Asheville. 

Once we got there, parking was a nightmare!  Didn’t see that many lots or garages and once we found a garage it was full and hard to get in and out of.  Finally finding an empty lot we ventured to the con.  The Ghostbuster’s car was sitting right outside and was a great sight to be hold.  As we walked in to the con it was packed, lots of picture taking and cramped aisles.  I was mainly there to see the artists and authors so I went past the dealer tables and headed downstairs as thats where most of them were. 

First up I headed over to Bobby Nash’s table as he is alway fun to talk with and I got the chance to buy his grapic novel Yin Yang.  Can’t wait to read that one.  We had a nice chat and I figured I would let him sell books so I moved on to the next person.  Jake Bible was that guy, and I have known him off of twitter and from other authors I talk with for a while.  He was very nice and I bought two books of his, one being “Dead Mech” which is the world’s first Drabble novel.  Really something unique and special so look him up if you get a chance.

Third Half Studios was the next table I hit.  I got 2 keys chains and about 6 pins to add to my collection.  They create cute little monster/critter things and add some skull and blood to them to freshen them up (although not all their stuff is bloody but it is all cute). 

Bradd Parton invented a technique of drawing that he calls Alpha-Sketches.  Something I have never seen before, He takes the 26 letters of the Alphabet and creates drawings with them.  Doing everything from Hello Kitty to Captain America to Jason Vorhees.  These are amazing and it is fun to find all the letters hidden in the drawing!

Rafer Roberts was someone I almost didnt see just because I was leaving the con and he had some ACEO cards that popped out at me.  So I got Two original ACEO cards from him that are truly awesome and weird (which I love). 

There were a ton of other artists out there but these stuck out to me and I felt like sharing them with all of you.  Look these people up because you will not be disappointed!

Overall I had a blast, it was a great show and oh yeah the best part is that it was FREE Admission!!  I will say that parking was kind of a nightmare and it was hotter than four hells about 20 minutes into the show.  Hopefully they will be doing another show next year (this was their 2nd attempt) because it was really a good one! Check out for more info!

I got to see some family and visit my old comic book store (which had moved so it didnt feel the same) and all in all had a great time even though it was alot of driving (which I hate:)) 

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………Remember, Comic Book Conventions=Awesomeness!!


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