Comic Books…Oh How I Love Thee…

So Saturday was kind of a blah day as I had no important plans.  So I thought hey, I will venture to my favorite place on earth, A Comic Book Store!

A little bit of back story on my comic book history.  From the years roughly 2007-2009 I found a comic book store in Knoxville that I loved.  The store was perfect, a tiny little hole in the wall and filled to the brim with new merchandise.  There wasn’t much room but the owner made the best with what he had and he was a super nice guy.  Within a few months he moved to a bigger location and wow was it amazing.  He had the perfect merchandise and most importantly he was willing to sell you his merchandise (a important fact).  Well I got the sad news in 2009 that my favorite comic book store that I went to every week was closing.  I was truly saddened.  The shop did not close due to lack of business but due to personal reasons.  This store was bumping every time I visited.

Fast forward to 2011 and I have not regularly collected comics since.  I have visited a shop in Knoxville a few times and try to stay up to date on 5 titles or so but there is a problem.  That problem, one of the main shops in Knoxville is one of the worst retail stores (not just comics)  I have ever been to.

Now I want to be clear, I know the owner and he is very nice.  But I go to the store on Saturdays and guess what, the owner isn’t there on Saturdays.  The past two times I have been in this store, neither time was I asked if I could be helped not one single time.  I was there at least 20 mins each time, how insane is it that in a retail store I am not asked if I need help finding anything.  Another big problem with this store I have is that it doesnt turn over stock enough and it’s trade paper back section is spread throughout the store and in no order.

I will continue to go to this store because I am really limited here in town.  But he wont get as much money as he would if he had employees that wanted his store to succeed and cared about the customers.  And don’t argue with the customers and say things they like is stupid, its bad for business.

So here is a call to comic book shop owners, kiss the ass of your customers and they will spend LOTS of money at you store.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………Remember, Comics rule the world!!



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