When I started this blog, my intention was to write two to three times a week.  Well I have officially failed.  Life has gotten in the way and I will not go into details but hopefully I can be back on track now. So I thought I would write a quick note about a subject that has bothered me lately.

The end of the TV season has fallen upon us and there were some shows that got picked up and some shows that did not.  Every year I find a new show and every year that said show gets cancelled.   This year was one of the worst years for shows that I liked getting cancelled.  Lights Out, No Ordinary Family, The Chicago Code, V, and Terriers.  Terriers was technically last year but I still count it because that was one hell of a terrific show!

So what the hell am I to do now.  Networks have me so damn scared to get attached to another show in fear that it would be cancelled. Were these shows not advertised?  Well Lights Out got so much advertising I think it got over hyped and in the end, a show about a boxer doesnt intrigue alot of people.  Terriers had an awful name and I have no idea what it has to do with the genius show about 2 self employed private investigators.   The other 3, I have know idea what went wrong but they just didnt get the ratings the networks wanted.

So from now on I will be very choosy on what I watch. In fact No Ordinary Family and The Chicago Code still have episodes on my DVR but they will effectively get erased cuz I don’t wanna waste my time finishing cancelled programming. Support shows you like because if you don’t they might go away.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………Remember, Jericho is still one of the best shows ever!!




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  1. It is always disappointing when one of your shows goes off the air. I just said goodbye to Smallville. Yes, not every season was great, but I still enjoyed the show. I also watched and enjoyed No Ordinary Family, but missed some late episodes cause I heard it was going to be cancelled. That would be a good show for ABC Family, but I doubt they would move it there because it probably costs to much to make for an ABC Family show. Oh well, there will be more disappointments next year.

  2. GrumpydisneyDad 05/22/2011 — 11:34 pm

    I feel your pain!!!!!!!

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