Does Sucker Punch Suck??

So I remember seeing previews for Sucker Punch by Zach Snyder and being blown away.  Then opening weekend came and went.  The movie was bashed and it even came in number 2.  I hate not seeing a movie on opening weekend, I like making my own opinion and hate hearing negative things about something I am excited about.  I heard many things like “no story” “bad acting” “boring” and other things as well.

Last week I saw this movie.  I formed my own opinion.

Sucker Punch is fun as hell and a video game come to life.  The style was amazing as only Zach Snyder could present.  I love many things about this movie and the soundtrack is the main thing that comes to mind.  The music drives this movie and gets you into every scene.  As far as the story, I thought it was good and maybe it did have  flaws,  but overall it was good.

The acting is another thing I really liked as three characters stood out to me.

Abby Cornish as Sweet Pea was beautiful and played the part of the reluctant, wiser of the bunch girl.

Carla Gugino as Doctor Vera Gorski had an amazing accent and gave a great performance.

But the Best of the bunch is….

Oscar Issac as Blue Jones was a real asshole to put it lightly.  He did a great job of making you really hate him.  I think this guy is a great actor and hope more good things come his way.

If you just want a fun movie that looks absolutely amazing I highly suggest watching this one!  I had a blast watching this and I don’t care what the critics, fans, or other wise say about it.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………Remember, Zach Snyder is Awesome!!



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  1. Finally a review I can trust! :oD

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