Weight Loss Tips From A Fat Guy

So I have recently had a lifestyle change and that change is my eating.  I am not on a diet that is not what I want.  I love food so a diet was out of the question so I (along with my girl) am changing my eating habits.  I am also exercising a lot more and am feeling better than I have in years.  I am on Day 15 and have currently lost 8 pounds.  It has not been easy at all, I have nights where I struggle but I see a goal and that goal is a skinnier, healthier me.

Now  a few people have asked how I am doing it.  My simple answer is I am not eating everything I see.  I’m going to be honest with you, I am (almost) 33 years old and weighed 268 pounds 15 days ago.  I have gained 20 pounds over the last 5 years and I am afraid what my weight would be at in another 5.  So I thought I would tell all of you about how I am doing this and maybe help people out there.

It is NOT easy.

It takes some time and alot of energy.

Be focused.

Count Calories, do some research and find out how many calories you should get in a day and try to stay close to it.

My Fitness Pal App, a great little app on iPhone that keeps a diary of what you eat and how many calories you are getting.

Don’t eat after 8 pm, this one is hard but it helps me tremendously.

If you own a Wii, XBOX 360 (w/kinnect), PS3 (w/Move) buy Active 2, this is not a fun game, it is a workout but it does the job you can workout between 5 min and 30 min.

Walk a half hour a day at least.

Portion Control, Portion Control, Portion Control!!!!

Drink lots of water, yeah I know it sucks but its healthy.

Now I am not a doctor nor do I know a thing about proper weight loss so please consult your physician about these things before you start.

Before my lifestyle change my calorie intake was insane, My Fitness Pal has helped me count my calories and keep track of what I am putting in my body!  My motto is Don’t be miserable, Just be aware of what you are putting into your body!

I am not perfect and I do hope I stick to it but only time will tell.

I quit smoking about 2 years ago and I thought that was hard well let me tell you, this my friend is hard.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………Remember, Think Healthy, Be Healthy, and Live Healthy!!




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  1. Good luck with the weight loss. I really need to do the same. I think that is the app that I have too. I need to start using it. My girlfriend is using and was doing good for awhile then got off track. Awesome that you stopped smoking. It really is bad for you. Great tips and like I said good luck.

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