Did Wrestlemania Live Up To The Hype?

So that’s it, the show of shows wrapped up about 2 hours ago.  The Guests are gone, the food is put up and now I wonder was this PPV really worth 64.95?

Rock opened the show with one of the most disappointing fake promos he has ever given.  He treated the audience like we were a bunch of babies that had never watched wrestling.

Up next was Edge and Alberto Del Rio for the championship.  ? . I mean WTF a champion title match at the beginning of Wrestlemania.  I had a feeling that Edge would win so they could open the show with a positive outcome.

As for the rest of the matches, I was really impressed with Rey Mysterio (who’s costume was that of Captain America and awesome) and especially Cody Rhodes.  Also CM Punk continues to prove why he is the best in the biz and Randy Orton in my opinion continues to put on very bland performances.

The Triple H entrance was fantastic with a Metallica song and with HHH wearing a kick ass costume. Triple H vs Undertaker was pretty good but I felt a little bored and thought they were taking a long time in between the action.  But those two veterns gave one hell of a performance at this stage in their career.

Jim Ross came back and was really good but can’t remember him saying anything or adding anything to the main event.

I will say that this Wrestlemania had the worse ending of any wrestlemania I had ever seen.  I’ll leave it at that, if you wanna know any other match results then check out WWE.com for any other info.

Some good things did happen and it was a pretty entertaining show but overall I was left a tad bit disappointed.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………Remember, There is Always Next Years Wrestlemania!!





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  1. Jealous you got to see the show. I don’t remember the last time I saw a pay per view event, none the less Mania. Next year it is coming to Miami, so I am thinking about going, but not sure. From what I heard, people seemed to think the show sucked. That is a shame. I thought with the Rock there, it would be entertaining. Sounds like Taker-HHH stole the show, which is good because they are 2 of my favorites. Glad Rio didn’t win. Good wrestler, but I hate him, which I know is the point of his character. Shocked Cena didn’t win. Oh well, like you said, next year!

  2. I love the build up to Wrestlemania and I try to get it every year, but this year I felt ripped off big time. I will say this, it looked gorgeous and some of the entrances were spectacular. Miz had a great intro video and HHH intro was the best I had seen in a while. You should totally go if you can next year, it would be a great experience, the fan axxcess stuff is awesome from what I have heard!!

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