Another Weekend Gone 3-26-2011

I sit here at 10:05 Sunday night after once again another weekend has come and gone.  Not a very crazy weekend by any means as  I have started hardcore exercising and eating a little better than my norm.  So lots of walking has been done which I am sure my dog (a pug named Mango) is loving that since it is his favorite thing in the world to do.  I wish I had the enthusiasm that he had for walking than it wouldn’t be so bad for me.  I have also been using my Wii as a workout tool with the video game Active 2 by EA Sports.  This is not your normal video game it is indeed the best workout companion (in my opinion) on the market.  Lots of different activities to do so it doesn’t seem repetitive.  You will definately sweat with this game!

So Saturday night me and my girlfriend went to see a friend who had just had surgery.  We watched “The Social Network” which was actually pretty good.  Its an interesting story that has some nice debate issues that can be discussed afterwards.  Jesse Eisenberg still does not impress me, he is the same in every movie, he just doesnt give himself to the character like say a Johnny Depp type actor.  He talks way too fast in this movie and its hard to comprehend what he was saying until you get adjusted to the dialouge.  I probably would not watch this movie again anytime soon but it was a decent enough movie.

My Sunday consisted of going to a used book/DVD/CD store with some friends.  I picked up a few wrestling DVD’s and an old school VHS horror tape, “A Christmas Nightmare”  which sounds like a nice film to add to my Christmas Horror movie collection.  Now all I have to do is buy a VCR, believe it or not I do not own one.  I think I am going to go back to the old trusty VCR for some harder to find movies that are not available on DVD.

As my night winds down I just sit here and wait for tomorrow as the “go home show” for Monday Night Raw before Wrestlemania will be on, so it should be a fun show to watch.  Wrestlemania is one of my favorite times of the year for the wrestling side of me.  With The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin back that night it should be a good “Attitude Era” Show, hopefully being PG won’t hurt the show much. So with that  I will be back next Sunday probably late but with a full report on Wrestlemania.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time……….Remember RAW is WAR!!




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