Sweep The Leg.

The Karate Kid Trilogy is very close to my heart, as a kid I loved them and as an adult I think I love them even more.  Yeah, even part three is one of my favorites.  I just think the relationship between Daniel and Mr. Miyagi is so real and touching.  So many lines and scenes are implanted into my head due to watching all the films probably a few too many times.

So a few years ago, I got the bad news that it was indeed being remade.  Uhhhgggg. What the hell is wrong with Hollywood was my first thought.  I moaned and groaned and b****ed until it was released.  It’s opening weekend was a huge success and the reviews were not all negative.  I still refused to watch it.  REFUSED.  Jackie Chan and Will Smiths son in the starring roles…..oh my god, it sounds awful.

Time went on and it was released on DVD and Blu Ray, I still did not want to see it.  Then one faithful Sunday, it turns out that it was on one of the premium cable channels.  So with nothing else to do, I decided I would give it a shot.  Yes I know, some people my age (early 30s) refuse to see it, just on the very principle of this movie being remade.   I honestly felt bad that I would bad mouth the movie without ever seeing it or giving it a chance.

As I sat there and watched the remake I was amazed at how…..wait for it….. good it was.  Yes thats right, it was actually good, really good.  I do have a few issues with it like the kid is not named Daniel and Mr. Miyagi is not named Mr. Miyagi.  I just don’t get it why change those two things??  They were the mainstays of the movie, everybody knew “Daniel-Son” so why F*** with it.

Another thing is they say it a couple of times that what he is learning is not even Karate, its Kung Fu.  So shouldnt it be “The Kung Fu Kid”.

Outside of those two things I actually admire the filmmakers for paying tribute to the first movie. There are a lot of similarities between the remake and the original so that made me happy.

If you liked the original give this remake a chance, it’s actually well done and if hollywood continued to do well made remakes, people wouldn’t b**** about them.

That’s all  I got for now so until next time……….never forget that The Next Karate Kid sucks!!!!




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