Movie Review: The Last LoveCraft, Relic Of Cthulhu

I love independent movies,  If done right they can be every bit as good as a 100 million dollar blockbuster.  I saw a preview for a movie called The Last LoveCraft, Relic Of Cthulhu a while back.  Last week I was at Best Buy and saw it was out on dvd so I took a chance and bought it.

By the title you can obviously tell this is a movie inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft.   Think Shaun Of The Dead meets the works of H.P. Lovecraft.  Now I can’t say it’s as funny as Shaun of the Dead but it gives it  a hell of a go.  Here is the premise of the movie as stated on the website at

Jeff, a down on his luck office worker finds out he is the last living relative of horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft. What he doesn’t know is that Lovecraft’s monsters are real and will soon threaten the very existence of mankind. Jeff and his best friend Charlie are forced to embark on a perilous adventure and they enlist the help of high school acquaintance, Paul, a self proclaimed Lovecraft specialist. Together the three unlikely heroes must protect an alien relic and prevent the release of an acient evil, known as Cthulhu.

There are some laugh out loud moments in this movie and if you are any kind of nerd/geek like I am you will love its sense of humor.  Now to be honest I don’t know too much about H.P. Lovecraft but that didn’t matter, I still enjoyed the story. They do this comic book type thing to set up a back story and it was a welcome addition to the movie.

The special effects were actually quite good for a lower budget movie, they didn’t get in the way of good story telling.  There is some good gore spots with some blood splattering but nothing to gross.  This movie is categorized in the horror/comedy world and is a good fit there.

If you like good horror/comedies you should definitely give this one a shot.  I thought it was very well done and the cast should really be proud of what they did!

That’s all  I got for now so until next time………. all hail Cthulhu!


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